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Lekbeshi Municipality

Karnali Province, Surkhet

Welcome to the

Integrated Data Management System (IDMS) of Lekbeshi Municipality

Welcome to the

Integrated Data Management System

of Lekbeshi Municipality

IDMS brings the data generated by the various departments and systems of the municipal office in the central hub. The system is used to effectively share the data between the department and to make the potential data available to the general public.

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IDMS includes datasets from various departments and systems. Search, explore, download, and use datasets.

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Know the types of data you need. Easily navigate, filter, and find datasets according to datasets category.

Data Dashboard

Explore insights and datasets using key indicators in visual formats.

Recent Datasets

Find and explore the recent datasets that have been published by the municipality office. Datasets include various categories and formats.

व्यवसायिक फर्म तथा व्यवसाय विवरण (वडा नं.१ र १०) (२०७९-०८०)

The dataset provides details about various types of businesses, specifically in terms of their descr...

Disability ID card distribution details 2077

महिला तथा बालबिकास शाखा देखी आएको यस तथ्याङ्कले लेकवेशी नगरपालिकामा अपाङ्गता परिचयपत्र वितरण विवरण द...

Description of agricultural standards (2079)

कृर्षि शाखा देखि आएको यस तथ्याङ्कले कृर्षि फर्महरूको विवरण देखाएको छ । जसमा मुख्य कृर्षि फर्महरूको ...